Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator  - Mrs K Belcher

Please contact via the main school office

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Special Educational Needs Policy

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Equalities Policy

 The SEN complaint procedure is as follows:

  •  Stage 1: The complaint is dealt with by the class teacher in the first instance. If the matter remains unresolved,
  • Stage 2: The complaint is dealt with by the SENCO or by a senior manager. If there is still no resolution,
  • Stage 3: The Head teacher would become actively involved.
  • If the matter is still not resolved, the complainant must put their complaint in writing to the Chair of Governors.
  • Stage 4: The Governing Body deals with the matter through their agreed complaint resolution procedures.
  • In the unlikely event that the matter is still not resolved, the parent can then take the complaint to the Local Authority Complaints Officer and ultimately to the Ombudsman/Secretary of State.

Support for parents of SEND pupils who have a complaint is available through Schools Information and Support Service - ttps://www.salford.gov.uk/schools-and-learning/info-for-parents-students-and-teachers/special-educational-needs/salford-information-advice-and-support-services-siass/