Early Bird and After School Child Care Club

Our Early Bird and After School Child Care Clubs are open to all children who attend Monton Green Primary School.

Bookings are made on a monthly basis. Booking forms are e-mailed out in advance and once completed must be returned by e-mail to montongreen.primaryschool@salford.gov.uk. The deadline for returning the form is detailed on the e-mail sent to parents and carers. All bookings must be paid for in advance either by child care vouchers or by on-line payment. A payment request is sent to parents and carers once the completed form has been returned. Bookings cannot be amended or cancelled unless there are exceptional circumstances. Any changes are with the agreement of the School Business Manager and Headteacher.

Booking form for the week of 4th October up to and including the week of 1st November 2021.

Letter 23rd September 2021

Next booking form will be available Wednesday 20th October 2021

The Staff who work in our Early Bird and After School Club work in other capacities throughout the school during the school day.

Early Bird Club Staff                                                                           After School Club Staff

Miss K Lewis - Leader                                                                          Mrs C Rabbitte - Leader

Mrs B Adams - Playworker                                                                 Mrs A Brownbill - Playworker

Mrs M Chatzidimitriou - Playworker                                                 Miss C Devenport- Playworker

Miss E Treanor - Playworker                                                               Miss R Fairhurst- Playworker

Mrs S Treanor - Playworker                                                                Mrs C Hunter - Playworker

                                                                                                                Miss S Treanor- Playworker  

                                                                                                                Mrs S Treanor - Playworker



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