Early Bird and After School Child Care Club

Our Early Bird and After School Child Care Clubs are open to all children who attend Monton Green Primary School. If you wish to book a place for your child please complete the form below and return to the school office together with the approriate money.

The Staff who work in our Early Bird and After School Club work in other capacities throughout the school during the school day.

Early Bird Club Staff                                                                           After School Club Staff

Miss K Lewis - Leader                                                                         Mrs C Rabbitte - Leader

Mrs C Hunter - Playworker                                                                  Mrs A Brownbill - Playworker

Miss E Treanor - Playworker                                                                Miss C Devenport- Playworker

Mrs S Treanor - Playworker                                                                 Miss R Fairhurst - Playworker

Miss G Wilson - Playworker                                                                 Mrs C Hunter - Playworker     

                                                                                                          Miss S Treanor - Playworker                                                          


All booking forms must be returned to the office by the Thursday  morning for bookings for the following week.

Price increase September 2019

Booking form for the Academic Year 2019/2020

Terms and Conditions