School Policies

Acceptable Use -Early Years and Infants (EYFS & KS1)

Acceptable Use - All Junior (Key Stage 2)

Acceptable Use  - Staff and Volunteers

Acceptable Use - On-Line Safety Guidance for Parents

Accessibility Plan

Anti Bullying Policy

Asthma Policy

Attendance Policy

Attendance / Punctuality Tip Sheet

Behaviour and Physical Intervention Policy

Bullying UK website

Calculations Policy - Addition

Calculations Policy - Division

Calculations Policy - Multiplication

Calculations Policy - Subtraction

Cared for Children Policy

Charging and Remissions Policy

Child on Child Abuse Policy

Child Missing from Education

Collective Worship Policy

Home - School Communication Policy

Complaints Policy

Core Values Statement

Curriculum Policy

Cycling to School Contract

Early Help Assessment Policy

Early Years Policy

Enhanced Resource Statement 2015

Equalities Policy

Feedback and Assessment Policy

Female Genital Mutilation Policy

Female Genital Mutilation Mandatory Reporting Procedures

GDPR Information

Greater Manchester Guidance Human Trafficking

Greater Manchester Guidance Sexual Exploitation

Greater Manchester Guidance Online Safety

Health and Safety Policy

Intimate Care Policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2021

Government Guidance on Keeping Children Safe in Education

Managing Allegations of Abuse

Salford LA Supporting pupils with Medical Conditions

Medical Needs Policy

MGPS Covid 19 SG Annex - Revised February 2021

On-line Safety Policy

Operation Encompass Letter - January 2019

Remote Learning Policy

Remote Learning Offer - January 2021

Jigsaw information Leaflet for Parents and Carers 2020

Jigsaw LGBT Parent Leaflet

RSHE a Guide for Parents and Carers

Safeguarding Policy and Child Protection Policy 

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy Annex Coronavirus (Covid19)

Child Friendly Child Protection Policy

Safe Recruitment Guidance

Safe Working in Education Setting - Code of Conduct

SSCP and HR Low Level Concerns Policy

Search Screen Confiscation Policy

Sexual Abuse and Harassment Policy

SCC Policy for Educational Visits, Outdoor Learning and Adventurous Activities

School Policy for Educational Visits, Outdoor Learning and Adventurous Activities

School Uniform Policy

Special Educational Needs Policy

Suicide - Safer Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

3 Cs Online Media Policy 2020

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