Year 3 - Spring 2019

Lower Key Stage Two

We would like to wish you all a Happy New Year!

Year 3   The Year 3’s will also be starting with Geography, learning about the weather and using specialist equipment to monitor, collect and present data about the weather near us.  Later on in the term, the focus will switch back to History where the subject will be Baghdad AD900, a very interesting topic!  In English the focus will be newspaper reports and then narrative linked to the History work. 

Our Science topics are Light and The Skeleton. In the topic on light, children will be learning about sources of light, how light travels and shadows.  In the topic on skeletons, children will be finding out about bones and muscles and the jobs they do.  They will also be carrying out different investigations to do with our bodies.  In DT children will be constructing photo frames out of wood.

In French, children will cover the topic - ‘All About Me’, this will teach them to understand and follow instructions, name parts of the body, identify colours and say what they are wearing.

Our RE work in Year 3 will continue to be based around the question 'What is it like to be a Christian in Britain today?' Computing will focus on types of communication, looking in particular at e-mail.  The children will be sending and receiving e-mails which is all kept within the Purple mash programme, this is a very safe and secure way for children to communicate with each other. 

Spelling and grammar will be taught regularly and will continue to be a focus for homework. Maths homework will consolidate learning done in class throughout the week and we ask that you continue to read with your child at home on a regular basis. Our Maths work this term will be fractions and calculating using all four operations.  The focus for our times tables is the 8x table.

PE is on Friday’s for Mrs Begum’s class.

Swimming is on Tuesday for Mrs Lee’s class.