Year 2  - SprinG 2019

Key Stage ONE

Happy New Year!

Year 2  

The main context for learning this term will be through our history topic ‘Life Before Me’. The children will learn about life in Victorian Times. As part of this work, they will find out about significant people and inventions from the Victorian period. They will also investigate what it was like to be a child in the Victorian Times and as part of this learning they will find out about Victorian schools and about some of the jobs poor children had to do. 

This work will lead on to looking at how our local area (Salford Quays) has changed. The children will use old photographs and video material to look at the area in the past when it was a busy dock and will use aerial photos to identify features that are there now. We are hoping to plan a trip to Salford Quays and the Lowry Art exhibition as part of this work.

Our Art work will be based around the work of LS Lowry. The children will find out about the artist’s life and investigate his distinctive style and use of colour. In DT the children will design and make their own wheeled toy and will learn how axles work. They will learn to measure, mark out, join materials and use a saw!

Our Jigsaw work is based on a theme of Dreams and Goals which ties in nicely with New Year resolutions. In RE the children will learn about the beliefs and practices of Islam. The Music topic is called ‘I wanna be in a band’ and will introduce the children to ‘rock’ as a style.

Our Science topic ‘Materials’ will continue this term. The children will carry out investigations to further their understanding of waterproof materials, materials that keep things warm and materials that absorb water.

Maths and English lessons take place daily. You can help at home by supporting your child with their homework. We are placing a big emphasis on learning the 2x 5x and 10x tables off by heart and also learning to spell the Year 1 and 2 word lists.

PE continues to be on Thursday for both classes.                          

 Miss Wilson and Miss Leggott.